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[edit] 13lights questions, session 2


A holding area has been set up for unanswered questions

[edit] People

Additional info on these folks. Other info is available in the First set of Questions

[edit] Anara

Q: Who is Anara?
A: A saint.

Q: Is Anara's job to monitor John's state?
A: Yes.

Q: Can Anara be used in helping to awaken John?
A: She tries. Time will tell.

Q: What has Anara done that has earned her the title of 'saint'?
A: She is a caring woman, more than most.

Q: What is going on with John that has Anara concerned?
A: You.

Q: Is there a direct way for us to contact Anara?
A: I'm not sure.

Q: So Richard is your father. Is Anara your mother?
A: No.

Q: Does Anara know of the Alva experiments?
A: Yes, and she has spent her life in redemption's debt.

[edit] Dr. Richard Moore

Q: Who is Richard?
A: Gluttony. *also* a broken man

Q: Who is Dr. Moore and what is his role in the experiments?
A: He was a lead scientist, 1st R&D.

Q: Why did Richard set up the line a decade ago?
A: As a joke, that question escapes my scope.

Q: Why did Parker set up a phone number a decade ago?
A: Parker did not, Richard did. A lot escapes Parker's knowledge.

Q: Your father consented to have you experimented upon. Did he really know the hell he was sending you into, or did Sky tell him something else? If so, what did they tell him?
A: He knew.

Q: Did your father work for Sky Incorporated?
A: Yes.

Q: Who is your father?
A: Dr. Richard S. Moore

Q: So the Richard mentioned in Anara's note is in fact Dr. Richard Moore?
A: Yes.

Q: If Richard is a glutton, what is he a glutton for?
A: The same way a man is a glutton to bet his shelter in a game of chance. You may win, but you have a better shot of losing and he did just that.

Q: Why did your father choose to test on his own child?
A: Parker has a degree in persuasion.

[edit] Heather Moore (13's mom)

Q: Did your mother know about the operations?
A: Not at first.

Q: What is your mother's name?
A: Heather Moore.

Q: What did your mother have to say to your father once she learned that you were experimented upon?
A: She had no words.

[edit] Alva Survivors

Q: What happened to the other Alva survivors? What are their names?
A: They scattered in the Alvan Incident ten years ago. John, Zane, Bion and Sasha are the four on record. One has been presumed dead. Three out of the four are MIA.

Q: Where are the other four children that survived? Do you still have contact with them?
A: No.

Q: 3 of the 4 survivors are MIA - are we to assume that the one that is not MIA is John? Is this the John we seek?
A: John is MIA but in a different sense.

Q: I would like clarification on the Alva survivors, please, as I did not state my previous question correctly. Three of the four are MIA, one is presumed dead. Who is presumed dead?
A: I will have to search the database. I'll reply as soon as I know.

Q: Did the other Alva survivors know there was a fifth survivor?
A: I wouldn't know. I'm sure Sasha does, however.

Q: How did the survivors escape?
A: That is something I do not know.

Q: Were the other 4 survivors related to you, or to others who performed the experiments?
A: No.

Q: When you say the Alvan's suddenly 'disappeared', do you mean that they ran away, or that they literally disappeared?
A: As literal as can be.

Q: Since Alvan survivors can detect Alva, can you detect each other?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you have some form of mental communication with John? What about the other survivors?
A: None

Q: So... John, Zane, Bion and Sasha are the 4 survivors on record. You are in Sky Inc.'s possession, so you must be on record. Are you John? Or are you simply the 5th survivor, and I have confused the answers we've received thus far?
A: I am a survivor. Which, you'll have to find out.

Q: What do you know about Zane?
A: He's an Alvan, about 21 years old and was last seen at Sky HQ in York.

Q: About Bion?
A: Escaped from Sky HQ in York with Zane two years ago.

Q: There were four named survivors, and a fifth unnamed one. Do you know who the fifth survivor is?
A: The database gives no information.

Q: What will happen if the Alvans are reunited?
A: May be able to stop Parker.

Q: What happened to Zane and Bion between 10 years ago (the Alvan incident, when the others disappeared) and 2 years ago (when they escaped)?
A: The database says nothing.

Q: Should we seek the other survivors out?
A: You could try. I don't know if you would find them.

Q: So do you have any suggestions for reuniting the Alvans? Where can we start?
A: Soon.

Q: With York being a place where mostly office work is done, why were Zane and Bion kept there?
A: Zane was not kept there.

Q: Did Zane rescue Bion from Sky?
A: Yes.

Q: Why was Bion being held there?
A: Research.

Q: Does the database tell us where Zane was up to that point?
A: No. That was the last known sighting of him after the Alvan Incident.

[edit] 13 aka The Watcher

Q: Good afternoon, 13. Actually, I feel foolish referring to you as a number. What name should we use to refer to you by?
A: You may call me the watcher if you like. I haven't been called a name in years. Just a number.

Q: I am sorry to hear that you are one of the children that was taken. I also see that there were 5 known survivors. Are you one of the "known" ones?
A: They think I am as good as dead.

Q: Do you know why Sky chose you for the experiments?
A: Ask the researchers.

Q: So are you the 5th survivor, presumed dead?
A: No.

Q: What was the 'success' of the tests performed on you? What was the 'failure'?
A: I lived. The failure lies in the incident.

Q: I am somewhat confused. You have stated that you are one of the children who were tested on, that you were a survivor, and that Sky currently considers you "as good as dead". But you have also stated that you are not one of the 5 survivors, specifically not the one presumed dead. Perhaps you can clarify?
A: I am one of the survivors.

Q: If you lived through the experiment performed on you by your father, did you live through the Alvan incident that destroyed the building?
A: Barely.

Q: Are you alive now?
A: Barely.

Q: Why does Sky consider you 'as good as dead'?
A: Uselessness.

Q: Does Sky Inc. currently have possession of you? Of your body?
A: Yes.

Q: Have your body and your consciousness been separated?
A: Not fully, no.

Q: We have established that John is a standard issue human being. Are you?
A:I am human, yes.

Q: Are you John
A: I am the watcher

Q: Where have you been the past ten years?
A: Trying to stay alive.

Q: Why are you called the watcher?
A: I've been a spectator to events for a long time.

Q: Do you have lingering effects from Alva? If so, what are they?
A: I do, but it's not something I'd like to discuss.

Q: Are you still within the Tower?
A: Yes.

Q: If Sky became aware that you were communicating with us, would you be in any danger?
A: Yes

[edit] John. Or Johns

Q: Who is John?
A: An intentionally oblivious young man.

Q: Is John Being monitored by the people at Sky Incorporated?
A: Lightly.

Q: Is John located at 1 Sky Way?
A: Somewhat.

Q: Is John a euphemism for a computer program or a server/network at Sky Incorporated?
A: No.

Q: Is John close to being awakened?
A: That rests in your hands.

Q: Is the John referred to in the note the same as the John we seek?
A: Not technically.

Q: Is John an actual physical person, with a social security number and kittens and a receeding hairline and all the other things that go along with being human?
A: Yes but "kittens" is singular.

Q: Does John need to be "awaken" from a unconscious state, or from a lack of knowledge?
A: Something like that, Alice.

Q: What has John chosen to be oblivious to?
A: He has had no choices.

Q: Is John trapped in a form of simulated reality, a world unlike the one he was born into?
A: Basically.

Q:In order to awaken John, will we need to locate him in his 'birth' world?
A: No.

Q: Is John aware that he is in a simulated reality?
A: No.

Q: Who placed John in this state? For what purpose?
A: That also escapes me.

Q: You have referred to "parts" of John in responses to others questions. Are you a part of John?
A: You could say that.

Q: Will we need to enter John's world to wake him?
A: No need.

Q: Please let me make sure I understand. John is an alvan survivor who is currently trapped in a simulated reality. We need to wake him from this reality, or there will be severe negative consequences, on the order of a Year Zero event. Is this correct?
A:In a very large nutshell.

Q: How do the 13 lights relate to John?
A: They keep him blissful.

Q: Which world will end if John is not awakened - the meatspace 'our' world, or the dream world John currently live in?
A: Possibly both.

Q: Does anyone else inhabit John's virtual world?
A: Yes

Q: how does John's second world difffer from his first one
A: Too many ways to state.

Q:The references we've seen about John are confusing - is there more than one John?

How is John fragmented? If he is in a virtual world, is his attention split among multiple locations?
A:That's a story told by many voice, or rather, many scopes.

Q: Can you give us a little more detail about what happens if we do not wake John in time?
A:Time is such a fragile thing. We might all literally cease to exist.

Q: Did John enter his current state immediately after the Alvan incident?
A: Close.

Q: Can John control or manipulate his 'virtual' world, or is he a prisoner to it?
A: Both, in a way.

Q: So John's second world differs from his first, but he is unaware that he not in the 'real' world. Is that correct?
A: Mostly.

Q: Are you in John's first or second world?
A: I would actually say both.

Q: Is anyone able to interact with John?
A: Possibly soon.

Q: How do the 13 lights keep John blissful? Do they do the same for other inhabitants of his second world?
A:In a way, yes.

Q: Is Sky aware of this second world?
A: Barely

[edit] Sasha

Q: How does Sasha know about the survivors?
A: She works in prison.

Q: Sasha is an Alvan survivor, but also works at Sky? Is Sky aware of her status?
A:Yes, so is she.

Q:Is she used to control John? Is she someone we should be wary of?
A: No. You don't want to get on her bad side. She's killed before.

Q: Early on we were told that Parker would not stop, and that Sasha would not stop. I'm starting to understand what Parker is up to... what is it that Sasha is doing, exactly?
A: Following in his footsteps.

Q: Has she chosen to work for Sky, or was she in some way forced to do so?
A: I'd think a combination of both.

Q: If she chose to do so, why did she make this choice?
A: I am not sure.

Q: Is Sasha now participating in the experiments on children? Or does she perform some other role?
A: She has other roles, I'd think.

Q: What is her relationship with Parker like?
A: Judging by their emails, surprisingly calm and happy.

Q: How do you know what the emails between Sasha and Parker say?
A: I spectate.

Q: Can you share some of their conversations?
A: In time.

[edit] Other People

Q: Anara's name has been mentioned before, in a note from Swenson. Who is Swenson?
A: A weasel. Be weary of him

Q: Who is Eliza Evans?
A: Another lead researcher, she works with Richard. The database doesn't say much else other than she was a child prodigy and Parker snagged her before anyone else could.

Q: If the Alva injections were ten years ago, is Parker still in charge of Sky?
A: Yes.

Q: Are John and the Ghost one and the same, or are they distinct entities?
A: They are different entities.

Q: What role does the ghost play? After reviewing some of our previous conversations, I believe that many people confused John with the Ghost.
A: As stated, he was a messenger. Nothing more.

[edit] Second Location

Q: If nobody can make it to the place marked on the map in so-called-Pasadena, do we all perish?
A: Not yet.

Q: In so-called-Pasadena, are we looking for more information, an object, or a person?
A: An object.

Q: The so-called-Pasadena address is the location of a building. Should we enter the building to find what we are looking for?
A: I would not suggest it.

Q: Why was the second location moved from San Fran to Pasadena? Is San Fran still in scope? A: No, the system experienced a small glitch. Apologies.

Q: If we are unable to have someone at the Pasadena location at 2 AM, do we have any other options? It does not appear that any of our number are in the vicinity, and asking a wider audience risks alerting Sky that something is up.
A: The package will disappear. There are no other options. There will be more to come.

Q: Will the package in Pasadena offer guidance on the next location?
A: Yes.

Q: There is some confusion regarding the correct time to arrive at the second location. We first thought 0200, or 2 a.m. pst. There is now a counter counting down to 2 p.m. pst. If I am to seek out the package, which of these is correctly in scope?
A: 2 PM. Apologies.

Q: Will this package contain clues that need to be resolved immediately? If so, I might need to prepare a team.
A: You will surely need brilliance. Teams are optional.

Q: Besides eyes and a brain, do the people going to the Second Location need to bring anything special with them? UV Lights? Calculators? Bloodhounds?

A:A pair of eyes and a brain will do wonders.

Q: Do we need to know anything else about the second location?
A: Not as far as I have knowledge of.

[edit] Third Location

Q: Will you answer questions about the third location before the end of this time limit?
A: If they are the right questions.

Q: Is the third location in the continental United States?
A: Yes.

Q: Is it in the eastern or western half of the continent?
A: Time will tell.

Q: Does it hold historical significance?
A: Yes, but in a more literal context than you would think.

[edit] Condenstine and Sky

Q: If Condestine Tower, where Sky's 1st R&D is located, is in New Angeles... what takes place at the headquarters in York?
A: Most of the office type work.

Q: Where is York in relation to New Angeles?
A: Across the UN

Q: Does Parker mainly work out of the York headquarters?
A: Yes.

Q: Where does Sasha work?
A: She shifts.

[edit] Alva and the Alvan Experiments

Q: Previously, you stated the children were "pure blooded". In what sense of the word 'pure' do you mean here - they were younger? They shared a common genetic origin?
A: With age comes more chances of mental interference.

Q: What type of operations did Sky perform on you?
A: Injection of Alva, followed by 109 degree fevers, severe vomiting, constant seizures and other "side effects".

Q: You mention the possibility of 'mental interference', which would imply that Alva had more - or was intended to have more - than merely physical changes on those injected. What were the intended effects?
A: To create a world force, and to be their seeing eye dogs. Alvans are able to sense when the substance is near. Parker's miracle mines are running out.

Q: What was the result of this testing?
A: A success that lead to failure.

Q: What occurred during this Alvan 'incident' 10 years ago?
A: An explosion crumbled the building. It was pure chaos. The Alvans then suddenly disappeared, well, most of them.

Q: What "substance" could Alvans detect, that Parker apparently mined? What are the properties of this substance?
A: Alva. It's a substance that has many properties. It's a chemistry world wonder. It's easily molded but sturdy. It's something scientists have used but have tried to explain for years.

Q: What is this Alva substance used for?
A: Making everything you'd imagine apart from food products. Cars, buildings, tools, even racquetballs.

Q: What would happen if Alva were no longer available to the world?
A: Of that, I am not sure.

Q: What did Parker do after this event?
A: Drank a little and covered it all up.

Q: Was the explosion the result of some sort of testing? Did the resistance set a bomb?
A: I'm not sure.

Q: Do the Alva experiments continue? How is Sky acquiring more Alva?
A: They try. As far as I am aware, they currently are not; there are troubles.

[edit] Fighting The Man

Q: Are the others aware of you? If so, will they agree with and aid in your cause?
A:Define "others".

Re: Q2 I was referring to the other survivors. Even if they believe that you are dead (or as good as), do you think that they would be allies to your cause?
A: Those who are not corrupted, I hope would be.

Q: How far reaching is the resistance, physically? Has the resistance come out into the open, or is the public unaware of it?
A: Think of your underground railroad and that is your answer.

Q: Who was the second woman in the first video? Was she you?
A: No. I am watching her, however. She feels frost as well, but a fire fuels her like none other I have seen.

Q: If not, were you the voice in the second video?
A: They were my words, if that's what you mean.

Q: What is the name of the girl in the initial video we were provided with? The resistance fighter...
A: Caitlin Taylor.

Q: Can she be contacted at this point?
A: I don't believe so.

Q: What can you tell me about Caitlin?
A: Not much more than you know, really. I am impressed by her skills, however.

Q: Do you know why she has personally chosen to fight against Sky Inc?
A: Not at the moment.

Q: Are there many who have joined her?
A: I do not know.

Q: How are they fighting back?
A: Secretively.

Q: Does Parker know about them?
A: Doubtful.

Q: You said that Caitlin feels frost. Is she somehow connected to the Alvans?
A: Also, in a way.

[edit] Other stuff

Q: What is the significance of 'Frost'?
A: A lack of heat.

Q: Is the file number of the video previously on your site (21452420) relevant?
A: Nothing more than a database file number.

Q: What is SkySet?
A: All in one communication device. Pretty nifty.

Q: Besides the fact that Year Zero is something to be avoided, is it relevant to our quest?
A: Have you ever sensed danger? I sense another Year Zero. Civilization can not stand being erased, not again.

Q: Who put the number on the Sky Incorporated website? The people reacting to it do not seem to be Tech Support
A: Richard and Eliza created it ten years ago. It has, as you say, "gained dust" for a while. Having it contacted would be quite a surprise.

Q: You neglected to answer some of my questions... was this intentional? Are you unable to do so?
A: Out of fear, yes.

Q: Will you still answer questions that are asked prior to the expiration of the countdown, even if all answers are not received by then?
A:I will consider it. System performance has been shaky thus far.

Q: Where, or what is ALONE?

A: a·lone [uh-lohn] –adjective (used predicatively) 1. separate, apart, or isolated from others 2. to the exclusion of all others or all else 3. unique; unequaled; unexcelled: He is alone among his peers in devotion to duty.

–adverb 4. solitarily; solely: 5. only; exclusively. 6. without aid or help:

One, Two, Four and Five.

Q: The University of Indiana has a Unix cluster called "Nations". Is this in scope?
A: No.

Q: We are assuming the following:

  • You are a prisoner
  • You are the fifth Alva survivor, and are not John, Zane, Bion or Sasha.
  • John is in danger, rather than *being* the danger

Are these assumptions correct?
A: Not all of them. You'll have to figure which ones are right ad which are wrong.

Q: You've referred to a database more than once. Can you expand upon what data source you are gathering this information from?
A: The prison database, of course.

Q:How are you able to access it?
A: Practice.

Q: How long ago was Year Zero? Is it relevant?
A: Almost 1500 years ago.

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