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[edit] 13lights questions, session 1


The first set of questions asked to, and the answers, are here. Duplicates removed.

42 Hours.
Speak unto me. 

[edit] Samuel Black

  • Q: Who is Samuel Black?
    A: Black is a ghost in the machine in the most literal of context.
  • Q: There is a Samuel Black Church that is a band, and a Samuel Black Church in West Virginia. Are these relevant? Can Samuel Black be located on a map, or is his location something to be derived electronically?
    A: The ghost in the machine found you.
    Note: Samuel Black Church in West Virginia has a "ghost" connection...
    It has a marker memorializing the "Greenbrier Ghost", a young girl who was killed and then came back as a ghost to tell her mother how she was murdered. It turned out to be true and led to a conviction.
  • Q: What does Samuel seek? Knowledge? Retribution? To inform?
    A: Samuel is/was my messenger, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Q: What message does he (Samuel) have to give? Or must we locate him to learn it?
    A: He gave the message in your so-called Boston. Look for listeners.

[edit] First Location - Boston

  • Q: There is speculation that the USS Constitution is a location of some significance. Can you confirm this?
    A: The place you call Boston is not in scope anymore, proceed forward.
  • Q: "Reopening Liberty"... why was "Liberty" closed?
    A: Greed.
  • Q: "Independence Gained"... who's independence is this a reference to?
    A:The general public's.

[edit] Codes on websites

  • Q: Is there any particular cipher that may assist me in decoding the text on you page?
    A: The text is advanced beyond your forward years. Do not wrap your mind around such complicated mathematics.
  • Q: What, if anything, needs to be done with the hex on the front of the site? Are the strings that no longer appear relevant for the second location?
    A: Nothing. The number is the clue.

[edit] Sky Incorporated

  • Q: Who is Stephen Parker?
    A: Steven Parker is a warden, in all aspects of the position.
  • Q: What is Sky Incorporated?
    A: Sky Incorporated is the prison.
  • Q: Where is 1 Sky Way?
    A: New Angeles, of course.
  • Q: What is the tower?
    A:Tower is Prison.
  • Q: Was the Tower destoyed?
    A: No
  • Q: What is the origin of the word 'condestine'
    A: It is the name of the man who first started to rebuild what would be the unix nations.
  • Q: Aside from helping rebuild, what other role did this "Condestine" play?
    A: A leader, which is now made an ironic mockery.
  • Q: Is Steven Parker a warden in the religious sense? The academic?
    A: Economic, and the most physical of senses as well.
  • Q: If the goal is to rescue the children, does burning Condestine Tower down not seem a bit... excessive?
    A: The children all died ten years ago, except for five known survivors. Then came the elderly, then the adults. I believe the term is genocide.

[edit] Alvan Experiments

  • Q: What are the children being injected with?
    A: Death
  • Q: What is the purpose of the Alva injections?
    A: A "Darwin-istic" effort at best.
  • Q: What did the experiments mark the beginning and the end of?
    A: Despair and hope.
  • Q: What are the Alvan Experiments?
    A: Experiments spawned by greed and desperation and only brought death and despair.
  • Q: Why do they want Children?
    A: They wanted children because they are the most "pure-blooded".
  • Q: Where you one of the Children?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: Are you looking for revenge or salvation?
    A: I feel no hate, just frost.

[edit] 13

  • Q: What are the 13 lights?
    A. The beginning and the end, eros as well as thanatos.
  • Q: Who are you?
    A: I am everything.
  • Q: Who are the ones bringing the light to the new age?
    A: You and I, if eros prevails.
  • Q: is in scope for our search?
    A: It is only a guide as well as another messenger.
  • Q: The image at appears to be a helix viewed from above. Is this significant?
    A: No
  • Q: Or perhaps it is a spiral stair?
    A: Perhaps, that is out of my current scope

[edit] John and/or the ghost

  • Q: What will the ghost do when we awaken him?
    A: Wither and return to his rightful place.
  • Q:I've seen the name "John". Who is this? What can you tell me that will help me to wake this ghost?
    A: John is the one you must awaken. Find him.
  • Q: Where is the ghost's rightful place once he has been awakened?
    A: Back to the database.
  • Q: What will happen if we don't wake the ghost in time?
    A: We all perish.
  • Q: What does Birth By Sleep mean?
    A: Exactly as it says.
  • Q: Where was John last seen?
    A: In a dream.
  • Q: Now... must we wake John before the 42 hours end, or is the 42 hours simply the time we have to question you?
    A: Eleven hours remain for my questioning. Your search to awaken him will last much longer. You have no shortage of time, only of information. All you need to know is before you. Find it.
  • Q: Also, does "Birth by Sleep" mean someone needs to be in a dream state to awaken John?
    A: Not in essence, no.
  • Q: Where can we find him (John)?
    A: Still searching. Will notify with updates. He has made himself hidden, although he does not know it.
  • Q: Will John the ghost be an ally or an enemy in our cause?
    A: John is an ally, the greatest you could have.
    The ghost has no side.
    Note: this implies John is not the ghost
  • Q: Can John be awakened by a method already known to us?
    A: Even I do not know the answer to that question
  • Q: When we wake him will we know?
    A: When he awakens, the real fight begins
  • Q: Will we have to physically go and wake him or can we wake him from a distance?
    A: "Physically" is such a tough word to use in context.
  • Q: Why can't you wake him?
    A: That power is out of my grasp.
  • Q: In all, how many "pieces" of John will need to be found?
    A: Depends on what you mean by 'pieces'.

  • Q: By waking him do you mean wake him up from sleep or wake him up as in show him the world around him wake him up to you and your cause?
    A: Neither, in essence

[edit] Second Location - San Fran. Until it wasn't

  • Q: Is the second location known to us?
    A:Yes, look closer.
  • Q: Where should I begin my search?
    A: Look for new meaning in old riddles. Find the second location.
  • Q: Is the name of the second location encrypted?
    A: It has simply been overlooked. Look for new meaning in old riddles.
  • Q: Is the second location New Angeles?
    A: No
  • Q: Must the second location be found in the physical realm, or does it exist solely in the virtual world?
    A: It is in the same realm as your so-called Boston.
  • Q: With Boston no longer in scope, this leaves much ground to be covered. Will one of us who is searching for John need to visit this second location?
    A: Of course.
  • Q: A haiku received in Boston mentioned "Reopening Liberty"... at the time, we thought it a Boston reference. Does it in any way refer to the large statue in our so-called New York?
    A: Broaden your search. Look to your west.
  • Q: To MY west lies a large body of water that we call an ocean. Quite literally... I can see it from here. It is known as the Pacific. The same riddle that included the line "Reopening Liberty" also included the phrase "Mare Pacificum". Is this phrase relevant to my search?
    A: Look to your west. Your time is growing short.
  • Q: So if "mare pacificum"= Pacific Ocean... And "aurum in pax, ferreus in bellum"= "Gold in Peace, Iron in War"... which is the San Francisco city motto...
    Should we be looking San Francisco ?
    A: You are a smart anomoly.
  • Q: San Francisco is a very dynamic city, subject to change on a constant basis. Do we seek somewhere old, or somewhere new?
    A: Somewhere recent.
  • Q: what will happen on August 3rd, 2008 at 2AM?
    A: The scope will be in range and something will be left there. The exact time of range is only estimated from this distance.
  • Q: How do we locate the specific spot in San Fran where we will gain more knowledge?
    A: Stop. Watch. Listen.
  • Q: We've watched the video. We're heard the words. What are we missing?
    A: The magic number.
  • Q: If "13" and "42" are not the magic number, is the magic number related to the hex code on the site?
    A: Concentrate on the latter number.
  • Q: Latter as in 42, or latter as in 0000020 6a 67 47 67 68 54 57 65 54 35 74 32 79 42 53 77?
    A: Same number as the hours you started with.
  • Q: Do Liberty and Independece have anything to do with the second location? Mare Island in San Francisco is home to a naval shipyard. SS Independence, USS Liberty and SS San Fransisco are all connected. Is Mare Island related to the second location?
    A: Mare Island is not in scope.
  • Q: Can we find John in San Francisco?
    A: A piece, perhaps.
  • Q: What's important about san francisco?
    A: It is the second scope.
  • Q: Is telegraph hill important?
    A: No.
  • Q: Should we search north or south of Market St.? East or west of Van Ness?
    A: Look at the highlights.
  • Q: Is the remaining part of this riddle, the english "haiku", relevant to a specific location in San Francisco? If not, do we currently have information that leads to a specific location?
    Should finding this specific location be my primary focus?
    A: You have all the information you need to find all 4 dimensions of the location. Search without assumptions.
  • Q: Does Japan have some significance in this web of riddles?
    A: No.
  • Q: The "Summer Sun Rises" in the northeast; should we be looking in this region of San Francisco?
    A: No.
  • Q: Are the "Highlights" in San Francisco a reference to actual "lights"?
    A: No.
  • Q: Are the highlights we look for stars in the sky??
    A: No. Orion will bring no assistance here
  • Q: You said to look at the highlights... Do you mean the highlights in the video?
    A: Maybe bold would've been a better word.
  • Q: The "Summer Sun Rises" in the northeast; should we be looking in this region of San Francisco?
    A: No.
  • Q: There is also a public television station, Channel 42. Relevant?
  • Q: Are we looking for an address starts with 42?
    A: Something like that.
  • Q: There are several "42s" that can be considered in reference to San Francisco. 42nd Ave abuts several parks. Are they relevant?
    A: No.
  • Q: I've already mentioned the TV station KTNC. There is also a bar called "42 Degrees". Is this relevant?
    A: No.
  • Q: Is what we seek within the city limits of San Francisco?
    A: The scope is slightly off. Look in surrounding areas.
  • Q: You stated to someone else that all the information necessary to locate the 4space coords in San Fran have already been revealed, is that correct? Where is this information?
    A: On paper and in plain sight.
  • Q: If 42 is the answer, what is the question? If the answer is "unknowable in the same universe", as Adams would state, that would imply that 42 is a red herring
    A: The question is, where to go?
  • Q: If the hex on the main page is encrypted, where should we seek the key? Since the Golden Gate is the key to the Bay Area, is that relevant?
    A: No.
  • Q: Treasure Island is connected to San Fran via bridge, with a 4th Street intersecting with Avenue B. Is that relevant?
    A: No.
  • Q: Does 42 refer to a location or a date?
    A: Location. One you should be familiar with.
  • Q: The scope for which we source is it a physical scope or hypothetical?
    A: Physical.

[edit] Future Locations

  • Q: How many locations are there?
    A: As many as I wish.
  • Q: Are they all in the continental United States?
    A: No.
  • Q: John will not be awakened by what is discovered in San Fran, correct? This will only allow us another step along the path to awakening him, which will presumably lead to another location. Is this accurate?
    A: He must see the truth. You are correct.

[edit] Assorted

  • Q: Some questions (from others, as well as myself) appear to be slipping through the cracks and do not generate a response. Are they being deliberately ignored?
    A: Some answers to certain questions would be better explained if not from my word.
  • Q: What is "Year Zero"?
    A: The day the world nearly died. I believe your word for it is 'apocalypse'
  • Q: When you say fire do you mean hypothetical hell fire or litteral petrol bombs?
    A: Doesn't both sound swell?
  • Q: Are we confused you ask?? why yes... yes we are
    A: All will be told in due time
  • Q: What are the Unix Nations?
    A: The homefront.
  • Q: You have misspelled "Anomaly" several times. Is that just a typo, or is it relevant to us?
    A: Misspellings are common in the transference process.
  • Q: When will we have an opportunity to request more data?
    A: After system download.
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