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[edit] 13lights questions, session 2


[edit] People

[edit] Caitlin

Q:Who are the two girls in the surveillance photos?
A:Caitlin and a Channel 6 Newscaster.

Q: Was Caitlin's first mission stealing the badge, or making the video?
A: Both.

Q: What is Taylor industries?
A: A dramatic tragedy.

Q: Is there any known means to contact Caitlin? Because I have some 'undercover' work she may be able to help me with...
A: Not that I have knowledge of.

Q: What tragedy befell Taylor Industries?
A: Parker

Q: What did they do prior to this tragedy?
A: Everything Sky Inc. did, but without the Alva and with 140% less evil.

Q: Why is Sasha cooperating with Caitlin?
A: She is not. What makes you think that? Sasha has not been seen yet.

Q: My apologies. I was confused. I should ask why is the Channel 6 Newscaster cooperating with Caitlin?
A: I'm not sure.

Q: While on the subject, what is the newscaster's name?
A: Searching the database gives me the name Beth Chetwynde.

Q: Do you know if Caitlin is okay? She said in the video that you posted "If you're watching this, it means I am dead."
A:Caitlin is fine. I stole it from her online storage unit.

Q: How long ago did Caitlin make the video?
A: Not long.

[edit] John and The Watcher

Q: Zane rescued Bion. The database has no information on them, so they are presumably not captives of Sky at this moment. Are you Sasha?
A: No

Q: You have told us that you are one of the four named survivors. You have stated that you are not Sasha, yet you are a captive of Sky. Zane and Bion are not captives of Sky. That leaves one possibility, but you have steadfastly refused to answer the question directly, despite all that we are doing to help you. John is in a coma, as far as Sky can tell. And yet, it seems that what they believe to be true is not correct How can we help you, John?
A: You can help me by helping John.

Q: Has John been in a comatose state since the Alva incident?
A: Yes

Q: What name does John go by in our world
A: John

Q: Is he well known, or just your average John?
A: He believes he is average.

Q: Is it important to locate John in his second (aka "ours") world?
A: Very

Q: What does he (John) do for a living?
A: He works at a local hardware store.

Q: Was John's mind downloaded into a computer?
A: No

Q: How many agents do you have?
A: As many as I want. I am everything and my word is law.

Q:If you are everything and your word is law, why do you need our help?
A: Some things escape my power.

Q:Is John your brother?
A: No

Q: Are you a "fraction" of John?
A: Define "fraction"

Q: Are you a portion of John, a part of his mind that cannot wake the whole, but can cry for help.
A: Something like that.

Q: May I call you John?
A: Call me whatever you wish.

Q:. Do you fear that you will be discovered?
A: Yes but I'm sure in time, I will be.

Q:. Are you able to access the whole Sky Inc database?
A:Most, some areas take much more time than others.

Q: Can you approximate a time period by which we will be expected to wake John?
A: Things like this cannot be estimated; it happens when it happens.

Q:Will waking John mark the end of our journey?
A: Most certainly not.

Q:What will happen to you once John awakens?
A: I will still probably be here... just in a different form, perhaps.

Q: Whose word is Law?
A: Mine

Q:"You are everything and your word is law". This was stated both by you and by twelve. Is this a simple statement of fact, or a statement that will help us decipher what was received during happy funtime?
A: It is fact as well as law.

Q: I am everything seems to be a very hindu concept, from some brief research. Is Hinduism - or any other organized religion - in scope?
A: Religion is unimportant to the big picture.

[edit] Anara

Q: The medical report was signed A.O. I know the "A" is Anara. What is the "O"?
A: My guess would be a last name.

Q: Anara seems to feel guilt over John's comatose state. What part did she play in the accident? If she was involved, why do you consider her a saint?
A: She was a nurse, specializing in administration. She is caring and has turned her life around. She is the person who would die for someone.

Q: What is Anara's last name?
A: O'Luain

[edit] Others

Q: Zane's last name is apparently Ipsen. What are the full names for the other survivors?
A: Most don't have full names. There were a lot of coverups ten years ago. Bion, for example, has no record of a last name.

Q: Awhile ago, you told us this: "They scattered in the Alvan Incident ten years ago. John, Zane, Bion and Sasha are the four on record. One has been presumed dead. Three out of the four are MIA. " Sasha is obviously not MIA, as she works for Sky. Who is "presuming" that one of these individuals is dead?
A: Sky Incorporated

Q: What is Sasha's last name?
A: I am searching the database right now; I might tell you later.

[edit] Sky Incorporated

Q: What is a Sky Beacon?
A: Secretive. I'd have to hack some files to get you that information.

Q: What is Sky Corp's current research centered around?
A: Many things, including Alva.

Q: What is their eventual goal?
A: That question is actually quite a hard one to answer.

Q: Does Parker operate simply out of greed, and a desire for power, or does he actually believe that the work of Sky Corp. is benefiting the world?
A: A little bit of all three.

[edit] Merritt Island Drop

Q: Do we have enough information about the third location to gather what is located there?
A: Do you speak of tomorrow's fun? Q: Is "Fountain of Youth" a clue to something inside this location? Or was it simply a hint that pointed to Florida?
A: The second, mostly.

Q: Should we be searching for a book?
A: Yes, but you probably won't need to do much searching.

Q: Will we encounter someone there, or should we be searching for an item?
A: You should have an encounter. Look for Twelve. I heard he likes coffee.

Q: I'm going to be the person going to the drop location in Florida tomorrow. Who or what should I look for? Is there a specific person I should ask, or a certain thing I should say as a "password" to get this person to talk?
A: Look for a man in a black baseball cap.

Q: Can you tell me what is going to be dropped, or who I will meet?
A: You will meet "Twelve"

Q: Will the thing or person being dropped be obvious, or will it require some searching?
A: Depends on your Quotient, sir. Q: Will Twelve come alone?
A: Yes

Q: Should we expect there to be a crowd surrounding him?
A: He's a popular fellow.

Q: Is Twelve yet another ghost in the machine? Will we see or hear from him again?
A: That is yet to be seen

[edit] Future Drops

Q: Where do the festivities go from here? Will we learn more about the fourth location from what is retrieved tomorrow?
A: Yes. I will tell you now, look north from scope

Q: Is it north or south of our initial scope, in So-called Boston?
A: It is north of tomorrow's fun.

Q: Aside from 'north', is there any more information you can provide about our 4th location?
A: No.

[edit] Pasadena Package

Q: Is Pasadena now fully out of scope?
A: Yes.

Q: Was Caitlin's video what we would have retrieved there... and somehow you were able to retrieve it for us?
A: No, expect contact soon however. Q: Who sent the package that was received by one of our associates?
A: I. Q: How did you pick the person that goes by "vapor" to receive the package?
A: Random.

Q: I received your package this afternoon. I have to wonder what was the significance of the necktie?
A: The necktie is a symbol of control, of conformity.

Q: I noticed that inside the necktie, there was a quote written on SkyCorp "letterhead". Is the quote from a SkyCorp employee? Is it their motto? The quote sounded a bit communistic to me.
A: It is something to ponder.

Q: The Diary entry speaks of John's father. I'm sorry if you have answered this before and I have overlooked it, but who is John's father? Is he also a Sky employee?
A: Dr. Richard Moore, Lead Researcher 1st R&D

Q: The medical report form has a two separate numbers on it. I see a ref number and a PCC number. Are these numbers in scope?
A: No.

Q: Did the necktie once belong to someone or is it simply a symbol as you stated?
A: A symbol

Q: The quote within the package says "Most men are individuals no longer so far as their business, its activities, or its moralities are concerned..." The grammatical structure of this sentence is peculiar to say the least. Was the speaker misquoted?
A: I do not believe so

Q: "...They are not units but fractions." Does "fractions" refer to the Id, Ego, and Super-Ego or some other part of the human psyche?
A: If you speak of Freud's methods, they don't exist.

Q: Should I look for a hidden message within these lines?
A: No. Q: Is there any significance to the quote by Woodrow Wilson, other than being a musing on the current state of the world? Is it meant to point us somewhere?
A: No, just a musing.

[edit] Philomena Rising

Q: What does the database tell us about the philomena rising?
A: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Q: What can you tell me about the Philomena Rising? Are they trustworthy?
A: They don't seem to be radicals, if that's what you're asking.

Q: Do you have any further information on the Philomena Rising?
A:I haven't been keeping tabs for long.

Q:How long have they been in operation?
A:They haven't been operating for long, from what I can gather.

Q:How much does Parker/Sky Inc know of their operation and plans?
A: Near nothing.

[edit] Other Stuff

Q: Is our world (aka: the place with "so-called Boston") John's second world?
A: Yes.

Q: Do any of the images uploaded to date on - or any other site we've seen - have any Steganography messages hidden in them?
A: No

Q: A member of our organization received what appeared to be a diary entry. Was that written by Anara?
A: Yes

Q: Are the "13 lights" that keep John blissful in our world, or his original one?
A: The Thirteen Lights keep us all alive, friend.

Q: Are they in one location, or scattered?
A: Scattered by inches.

Q: Is "Twelve" one of the 13 lights? What is your number, or do you have one?
A: He is an agent. Satisfying my love for tongue-in-cheek humor, I have named him Twelve.

Q: is the date jan 10, 2009 important?
A: Not at the moment, sir

Q: Are the 13 lights simply part of a group known as "the 13 lights", or do they have individual characteristics (ie: light number three is a bowl of raspberry pudding)
A: Trust me, there is no pudding here. No cake either.

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