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The Philomena Rising is apparently a group that intends to "take Sky down". It was revealed in Caitlin Taylor's 8-4 video 'confession' to her parents.

It is apparently run by Zane Ipsen, one of the four 'named' Alva survivors

The website is at

There is a sign in screen; in the source code we see the following message

username: ZIpsen
password: memoria
-The Watcher

Typing this in gets you to , where you can sign up. Meta speculation is that the PM is using this information to determine where to set up dead drops.

Also mentioned in the source code for the first page is the following:

typing help gives us
You know what to do or else you would not be here. Case sensitive.

typing exit refreshes the page and brings you back to the login failed screen

typing alvan gives us
Classified! Error 507: Uninstall keyplate andpress F9 to continue.

typing SkyCorp gives
Denied! Leave now before death falls upon you.

typing 0216 gives
Our saint, hallelujah.

An email response was received to applications that stated:

from Recruitment Information <>
date Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 1:26 PM
subject Your recruitment application
Your request is being processed. You will be contacted after an extended background check is performed. Those with accessible locations and addresses, expect possible further contact for recruitment.
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