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[edit] 13lights questions, session 4

Q: What relation does the number 0216 have with the The Saint?
A: Oh, nothing much.

Q: Who is the dreamer who sings his name J?
A: You might already know.

Q:What is the odd symbol that appears several times in the package we received in Albany?
A: There is nothing in the database currently, but it does not seem too odd to me.

Q:"Regarding the Suduko math, there are questions related to the methodology. What do the "..." after the first four variables for Yellow and Blue mean?"
A: I think you already know. As someone not very famous once said, "You always second guess yourself. Just think of all the time you'd save if you just trusted yourself."

Q: Is anyone else from John's primary world present in our world?
A: Not right now, but possibly soon.

Q: Who was the individual who was met in Albany? You implied he'd be a surprise, but I don't think any of us recognized him...
A: You already know who he is.

Q: In Albany we were given a photograph... do we need to determine the location where this photograph was taken?
A:No, it is of little importance.

Q: Does the 'John' that exists in our world have any knowledge of us?
A: Hardly any, I'd imagine.

Q: Does the journal entry given to us in in Albany belong to the 'John' in our world... or, to be more specific, does the 'John' in our world dream of events that took place in the world of the Unix Nations?
A: You could say both, but more of the second.

Q: Is the person who was met in Albany primarily from John's first world, or are the wholly a part of the second one?
A: He is a face you will soon recognize. Who you saw was not real, just an illusion of my creation.

Q: The target area on the map seemed rather large. Are we looking for a specific point, or do we need to do an exhaustive search?
A: Be a pirate.

Q: If the symbol from the package does not seem odd to you, where have you seen it before?
A: It is on many vials in prison.

Q: What question should be asked, that when answered will give the most important information that we should know?
A: You tell me. People should need to think for themselves occasionally.

Q: You've said that you are able to access the prison database. Is there a way for us to access this database?
A: Not presently. But perhaps, soon.

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