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[edit] 8 Days? 13 Lights? 42 Hours?


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[edit] Quick Summary

In Scope Websites:
http://13lights.org/ - primary site at this point
http://13lights.com/ - no activity to date, this may not be relevant
http://thephilomenarising.org/ - "The Resistance" mailing list

http://636f6d696e67736f6f6e.weebly.com/ - does not appear to be active any longer




Things that need more detail:

John Moore, Sasha, Bion, Zane Ipsen, The Watcher, Anara O'Luain, Anara's Diary, Richard Moore, Stephen Parker, Caitlin Taylor, Pasadena Drop, Merritt Island Drop, Albany Drop, Austin Drop

[edit] What we know (or think we know) so far

In a world different than our own (where an extinction-level event known as Year Zero happened approximately 1500 years ago), an entity known as Sky Corporation performed the Alva Experiments on children about ten years ago. These experiments were designed to give the children the ability to detect Alva, which has industrial uses of some kind.

There are either four or five survivors of the Alva experiments. One of them, John Moore, is currently in a coma, and inhabits a second, simulated reality - our world. We have been warned by The Watcher - who is apparently a 'fragment' of John - that John needs to be "woken" or the world will end. How the world will end is not known at this time. The Watcher occasionally answers questions for us.

Other important elements include Anara O'Luain, a nurse, Caitlin Taylor, a resistance fighter working with The Philomena Rising, and Stephen Parker, head of Sky Incorporated.

The version of John on our planet has been located, but we still seek a way to 'wake him up'

[edit] Timeline

[edit] July 11
  • Many people received an email shortly before ARGFest:
From: 43616e2774476f5475SPLAT636f6d696e67736f6f6e.com
Subject: Eight days...

I have a little surprise waiting for you. Eight days doesn't seem too long, now, does it?

(P.S. Watch those cocktails!)
  • Another:
From: 43616e2774476f5475splat636f6d696e67736f6f6e.com
If you Can'tGoTu my little surprise, maybe you could help find out more about it.

Oh, my domain (at weebly.com) should help.
>>> Updating shared interfaces

Starting system

Setting up route

0011b20 02 1a 05 00 30 0d 06 09 2a 86 48 86 f7 0d 01 010011b50 92 bc 4f 30 2e fd 20 d3 89 d6 20 90 97 50 0f c9

ERR: Visual modules 95/100 (possible errors)

Cleaning up

00109f0 6e 76 24 55 4e 49 58 32 30 30 33 00 5f 73 65 74
0010a00 6c 6f 63 61 6c 65 00 5f 73 69 67 6e 61 6c 00 5f
0010a10 73 6e 70 72 69 6e 74 66 24 4c 44 42 4c 31 32 38
0010a20 00 5f 73 73 63 61 6e 66 24 4c 44 42 4c 31 32 38

  • Nighthawk noted that the hex codes convert to a C/C++ binary compilation
  • There was also an image of a note:
  • Which reads:

Just a quick reminder:

The reports, as usual, are due this following Thursday night. I hope everything has
been going well and that things have been making good progress over there.

[edit] July 12
  • A new image puzzle was posted on weebly, which when solved led to Simulated_reality, specifically regarding CantGoTu
  • The image contains text in the lower right, appearing to read:
X: 4324040433042123033320104432401344
Y: 4203231443421303231320241441442310
[edit] July 15
  • A sudoku puzzle appeared on weebly, along with some equations; the sudoku solution:
8 2 6 3 1 5 4 9 7 
5 4 9 7 2 6 3 8 1 
1 7 3 8 9 4 5 2 6 
9 6 5 1 8 7 2 4 3 
7 8 2 4 6 3 9 1 5 
4 3 1 2 5 9 7 6 8 
6 5 4 9 7 8 1 3 2 
3 1 7 6 4 2 8 5 9 
2 9 8 5 3 1 6 7 4
  • Summing the circles of numbers from outside to inside, colour coded (red, blue, green, yellow black) become:
    • red: 159
    • blue: 117
    • green: 84
    • yellow: 39
    • black: 6
  • The equations:
    {[(red-blue)-(blue-green)] - [(blue-green)-(green-yellow)]} - {[(blue-green)-(green-yellow)] - [(green-yellow)-(yellow-black)]}
    Reducing to:
    {[42-33] - [33-45]} - {[33-45] - [45-33]}
    {9-(-12)} - {(-12)-12} = 45
  • Also this quote from William Gibson (ref):
"And for an instant, she stared directly into those soft blue eyes and knew, with an instinctive mammalian certainty, that the exceedingly rich were no longer remotely human"
However 'even' is missing from "no longer even remotely human"
  • Also was the following phrase:
  • Which later updated to include:
[edit] July 16
  • An email was received:
From: 43616e2774476f5475@636f6d696e67736f6f6e.com
Date: Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 7:49 AM
Subject: Two days...

So close and yet so far away...
[edit] July 18
  • Another email:
From: 43616e2774476f5475@636f6d696e67736f6f6e.com
Date: Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 6:14 PM
Subject: Eight hours...

Watch and be observant.
  • The countdown ended, and weebly was updated with the text:
0 00 00 00

  • "0 00 00 00" links to 13lights.org which displays an image of colorful blurry lights and written black text on a black background:
    I stand between the light and the shadow; I am both; I am everything. No, I am.
  • At the ARGFest cocktail party, a 'madman' ran around battling nonsense (video). An envelope containing a video and a large 8.5x11 printed photo was retrieved from his pocket.
  • The video contained the following phrases in static around the mid-point:
Birth by sleep
New age
Fire in t (cut at edge of video)
  • The photo print began an on-foot photo scavenger hunt for those in Boston - each spot included another photo of a location within a block or two of each other.
  • The final sheet (image) contained binary:
  • which decodes to "the end"
  • Also on the final sheet was a haiku and three latin phrases:
summer sun rises
reopening liberty
independence gained

aurum in pax
mare pacificum
ferreus in bellum
The haiku was speculated as leading to the USS Constitution, but nothing was found
[edit] July 19
  • A new phrase on weebly: "Find the Thirteen Lights." links, along now with the image on 13lights.org, to a google map with a pushpin located on the hotel of ARGFest 2008 which reads: "First Contact: Success"
  • Later, 13lights.org updated to read:
"I think the problem is that the question was too broadly based..."

"Forty two?!" yelled Loonquawl. "Is that all you've got to show for seven and a half million years' work?"

"I checked it very thoroughly," said the computer, "and that quite definitely is the answer. I think the problem, to be quite honest with you, is that you've never actually known what the question is."
  • "Forty two" also links to the map.
  • A sheet with encoded phrases was left in some rooms at night:
  • After a rot-13 (first phrase), and a rot-14 (second phrase):
  • Note, 6*9 only = 42 in base 13 (4*13+2)
  • One sheet also had, hand-written:
The 8 days are over... now it really begins
  • On the back of each were two numbers: 080308 and 0200 (Aug 3/08? 2:00am?)
  • 13lights.org updated to read:
search /p 2

0000000 55 43 63 76 43 64 35 65 72 39 6f 65 53 30 39 48
0000010 70 33 50 67 67 4a 5a 33 58 6e 44 43 33 56 59 59
0000020 6a 67 47 67 68 54 57 65 54 35 74 32 79 42 53 77
0000030 30 30 66 75 4c 58 6e 79 32 48 43 6d 73 4e 59 78
0000040 6b 55 33 73 4f 36 4e 65 54 55 51 76 75 31 59 39

focus light thirteen leaving,
outwards searching... searching... searching...
0000013 6b 33 37 46 64 33 71 32 32 79 4a 39 69 34 43 75
second location found.
[edit] July 20
  • The site 13lights.org was updated. An email address and a small video told us to ask questions to 13@13lights.org. We had a 42 hour window to do so.
0000020 6a 67 47 67 68 54 57 65 54 35 74 32 79 42 53 77 (video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K10mCKCtX-s )
  • "42" links to the email 13@13lights.org. There's also a countdown to Tuesday, 5 p.m. eastern (July 22) - about 42 hours.
  • After emailing, a response was sent:
42 hours will pass quickly. What can I do in that time to ensure I'll be able to wake him?

Instruction simple.
42 Hours.
Speak unto me.
Ask anything.

It begins.
  • Many questions were asked during this period.
  • References are made to Samuel Black, John was who last seen in a dream and is 'asleep' and needs to be found and 'awakened', Alva injections, Sky Incorporated (a prison), and "New Angeles" (see the note near the beginning of the trail)
[edit] July 22
  • Which later became
  • San Francisco is determined as the next location from the clues, via the questions, and via the latin phrases from the Boston trail clue - the latin converted to spanish ("Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerra") is San Francisco's motto.
  • One question about August 3rd received this answer:
The scope will be in range and something will be left there.
The exact time of range is only estimated from this distance.
  • Another email:
From: 13SPLAT13lights.org
Date: 2008/07/22 Tue PM 12:21:36 CDT
Subject: Fleeting Window



  • After the 42 hour window was up, a new set of codes went up on 13lights.org
Now it is time to move on.

Remember your thirteens
  • Treated as one string, and converted from base 13 to base 10 produces a string of numbers
  • converted to letters
One fourty four west colorado drive pasadena ca
  • This pointed to the offices of 42 Entertainment in Pasadena (West Colorado Blvd).
[edit] July 23
  • 13lights.org is updated to read:
Port 2513 opened
Scope in range
Scanning axon #33524
Second location confirmed.
Preparations complete for 080308.
  • "13" links to the map which was updated to show 42 Entertainment's address in Pasadena, CA as the second scope.
  • "axon" links to a memo referencing Sky Incorporated
[edit] July 25
  • An email from Sky Incorporated is received giving a phone number: 206-203-1092. This number is to an answering machine with a computer generated voice telling people to leave their name, number, and a message.
  • 13lights.org is updated with a new video, labeled as 'File ID' 21452420. This number, assuming it is a code, has yet to be deciphered. The video is a home movie of children playing, with the following voiceover:
I think it's time for an introduction.
I am not unlike you.
I was a child like you once were.
We played, we jumped high but when gravity hits, we fall.

Wishfully(?) we get back up try again
I was blissful once, but that was stolen from me.
I was operated on like an animal with consent from my own father.


I do not feel hate, just frost.
Anyway, welcome to your test.
And here...we...go
[edit] July 30
  • 13 solicits questions again, with a countdown. It is confirmed that the second site has been moved to Pasadena, CA
  • A photo of a note is put up that references Richard and Anara.
[edit] August 2
  • The time for questions expires. The photo referenced above is removed, and is replaced with a photo of a syringe. This links to additional 'surveillance' shots of two woman.
[edit] August 3
  • No one is able to make it to the Pasadena location in time. The map is updated to state "First Package: Failure.
  • Initiating backup: expect contact"

They show someone (possibly Caitlin Taylor) stealing an identity badge

[edit] August 4
  • A video of Caitlin apologizing to her parents leads us to the website for The Philomena Rising, a resistance group. It also mentions Taylor Industries.
Mom, Dad,
If you're watching this, it means I'm dead [rolls eyes]...for real. I'm sorry for the whole faking my death thing, but I had to do it to keep you from following me and thus keep you out of trouble. Parker has to pay; the world needs to be rid of that selfish rat, and I'm not the only one that wants it. You've heard of it I'm sure; The Philamana (sp?) Rising. They're the future! They're going to take Sky down, and they've recruited me. I just wanted to let you know, and right now at least, I'm safe. I have my own place here. I just finished my first mission. The broadcast got cut short before it went live, but that we made it as far as we did was a success. And...yeah the undercover work involved wasn't so bad. You would have liked it Dad but I'm sure Mom wouldn't have approved. Anyway, I'm going to do everything I can to bring back our legacy. Taylor Industries will thrive again, I promise. I love you guys. I'm doing this for you. This is our future and I'm going to make it happen, no matter what.
[edit] August 5
  • The map on 13lights.org is updated, and gives us the Third Location. This is determined to be Merrit Square Mall in Merritt Island, FL, inside a " Books-A-Million" store. A countdown is later added that gives us a date of Saturday, Aug. 9th, 3:00 p.m
[edit] August 6
  • A package is received that implies that John was in a coma after the Alvan Incident
January 15th 1248
Dear Diary,
I haven't been working w/John for long now, but I have found myself growing oddly attached to him. I continue to care for his external wounds while hoping his internal ones will heal with time. I am trying not to care as I have only known him in this state. Another nurse actually cared for him during the experiment and I only just "met" him after the "accident". Some days are so hard that I don't think I can go on working there. I feel that I must stay though, as a sort of penance for my sins. Maybe if I can help John, my part in his injury and those of the other children will be wiped out. Maybe one of these nights I will sleep straight through without waking up from the nightmares where I still hear them screaming. I do not believe in a Heaven, but maybe John will be my salvation. He is my only hope.
Medical Report Form

Patients cranial injury to the occipital lobe appears to have healed with a small scar remaining. Patients pupils continue to dilate in response to light source showing brain activity. Patient did not respond to visual or audio stimuli. MRI scan scheduled for next week.

Staff use PCC:25498
[edit] August 8
  • We get to ask more questions, and get more detail on tomorrow's event. The Pasadena package is sent to a member.

[edit] August 9
  • The meeting with "twelve" goes off without a hitch. Many codes are retrieved, some of which are deciphered quickly. Our next loc appears to be Albany, NY, on August 14th or 15th.
[edit] August 14
  • Albany drops seems to point to Austin, TX, on August 24th. A later update on 13lights.org moves that date to the 23rd.
[edit] August 18
[edit] August 20
  • We are given a link to a Youtube account for TheArkPariah, who is apparently John.


[edit] August 27
  • John posts another Youtube video
[edit] August 28
  • Another video is posted on 13lights.org from Caitlin, talking about New Memoria, where the Philomera Rising apparently are located

[edit] August 29
  • The Austin Package is delivered. Inside are codes for the Sky Incorporated website, that lead us to Seattle on September 5th
[edit] September 5
  • The meeting in Seattle retrieves another package, which gives another login to Sky Incorporated

An MP3 states the following:

  • bloopy bleepy bloopy ring ring ring*
Log 142145. Operator Dan Swenson (Swensen?), executive, Sky Incorporated. The newest report from First R&D has come in on Subject 012491. His vital signs are stagnant and have shown no signs of change. It matters not anyway. We have all we need. We have the people on their knees, we have businesses on their knees, and we will have any resistance on their knees. That is, if they have any left. A video was intercepted on its way to the Sky Video Distribution Center showcasing a resistance member begging for more members. What weakness. I have given instructions to analyze the file for any traces back to the source. All results will be sent to Ms. Parker, and I shall await further instruction. End log.
  • click*,
[edit] September 6
  • John signs up for Twitter (thearkpariah), 1st post is @ 01:35 PM:
    Just started Twitter...not sure what to do though.
  • @ 4:18PM:
    is up to go eat and slay his dream.
  • @ 7:41PM
    Is really tired after getting up from my nap. Going to walk around Burlington in a few hours.
  • @ 10:08PM
    Just got back from some rock banding. CC feels like a dream. Well, a good one.
  • @ 10:58PM
    @vapor1ze Game Programming. Love that sort of stuff

[edit] September 7
  • John is on Twitter again:
  • @ 12:25AM
    has mad insomnia. Has footage for new video
  • @ 3:28PM
    finished his essay and has the whole day to finish up the video
[edit] September 8
  • John is on Twitter:
  • @ 1:27PM
    got no sleep again last night. Someone please make it stop.....
[edit] September 9
  • John is on Twitter:
  • @ 4:20PM
    Has no voice.
[edit] September 11
  • John is on Twitter:
  • @ 3:30PM
    had a different dream today....what the hell is going on?
[edit] September 16
  • John is on Twitter:
  • @ 5:52PM
    Is busy with his show on Saturday. Sorry guys!!!!!
[edit] September 25
  • John is on Twitter:
  • @ 10:16PM
  • @ 10:16PM
    It's too late to stop this.
  • @ 10:16PM
    Be as long as you can be
  • @ 10:16PM
    Failure is not an option.
  • @ 11:32PM
  • @ 11:34PM
    dO YoU DReAm? TeLL mE.
[edit] September 26
  • John is on Twitter:
  • @ 9:26AM
    is in computer theory...sorry I haven't updated in a while.
  • @ 10:38AM
    011000100110111101110010011001010110010000100000011010010110111000100000011000100110100101101110011000010111001001111001 -John
    This decodes to 'bored in binary' using 8-bit ASCII code
  • @ 12:28PM
    Got out an hour early. Class at 2. Dear future, I bought you. I own the rights. To let go. Destroy you. This is my life. -John
  • @ 1:42PM
    Severe headache. Nick wants to use my laptop.
  • @5:50PM
    is surprised he has 8 actual followers.

~ more to be added regarding Twitter info

[edit] September 27
  • John is on Twitter:
  • @ 10:16PM
    [ERROR]: Unknown user on system. EFFICIENCY: 3.22%. ALERT SECURITY CODE 044851
  • New code appears on 13lights.org
  • 2nd Update on 13lights.org:
  • At the same time as the new video posting John's Twitter says:
  • Video from Sasha Parker
Greetings fellow executives. Sasha Parker reporting for the weekly overview. Our stocks continue to increase thanks to the our recent company buyouts and mergers. Our Alva mining, however is slowing as we are running out of Alva in the mines we have in operation across the UNIX nations. I have personally hired teams to search for places to mine. If this plan falls through, we may be forced to wake subject 012491 prematurely. This will only be used as a last resort. Recent reports on the subject show that his progress is mainly stagnant, but is showing faint signs of improvement. As a reminder, there are two Alvans currently on the run from us, and finding them is a major priority. Zane Ipsen and Bion Jode (sp?) have been on the run from us for nearly two years now and have not been spotted in almost twenty months. Any rumors of either of them will be directly reported to me. Time is now truly of the essence. If you fail, the consequences will be dire. [rises from chair] You will will have to deal with me. That is all!
[edit] September 29
  • John updates on Twitter:
  • @ about 6PM:
    Just got out of class....back to work on the video....or maybe I'll nap. To sleep, perchance to dream.

Hamlet in the Philosophical sense The quote 'To sleep. perchance to dream.' is from Hamlet and is in the massively long soliloquy (essentially a large speech spoken by a single character just to the audience). Hamlet (the character) talks about life and death and how easy it would be to just commit suicide right then (essentially a determinant sleep).

Hamlet Quotation The bit we were given is in bold.

To die, to sleep; To sleep, perchance to dream. Ay, there's the rub,

There was some minor tweeting between coffeegirl18 and thearkpariah (mostly random fun but maybe a clue with the time machine and Hamlet).

  • @ 7:32PM:
    coffeegirl18@thearkpariah Don't be sleeping like Hamlet now...that's a permenant sleep...you know DEATH!
  • @ 8:40PM:
    thearkpariah@coffeegirl18 You're forgetting that Hamlet took a time machine with the help of Jesus.
  • @ 11:34PM:
    coffeegirl18@thearkpariah I haven't seen Hamlet 2...but I have a feeling I will soon...My friend Amy is obsessed with seeing it.
  • @ 12:41AM:
    thearkpariah@coffeegirl18: Hamlet 2 was hilarious. Must see. (was actually early morning on Sept30)
[edit] September 30

More tweeting between the arkpariah and vapor1ze:

  • @ about 1AM:
    thearkpariah: Has nothing to do tonight...again...thinking about the pixels...
  • @ about 2AM
    vapor1ze@thearkpariah: Dude, what's with the pixels? You said like a dead pixel in the sky?
  • @ about 3AM:
    thearkpariah@vapor1ze: Not just one. It was like the sky was glitching...tell me you or anyone saw something similar.
  • @ about 3AM:
    the arkpariah: I hear the voices when I'm dreaming, I can hear them say....
  • @ about 4AM:
    vapor1ze@thearkpariah: Man sleep deprivation makes me see all kinds of weird shit. "With insomnia your never really asleep and never really awake"
  • @ about 4AM:
    thearkpariah@vapor1ze: Yeah, never asleep, but never truly awake. Man, do I know the feeling.
[edit] October 1
  • John updates on Twitter:
  • @ 4:47pm:
    John in HD! [1]
  • We find another John's last name on vimeo. So there's now a John Moore and a John Souleg. Hmm, interesting.
[edit] Possible Events in the Future
  • Something may happen connected to Zac Ipsen on January 9, 2009
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