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Sky Incorporated aka "The Prison", is apparently based in "New Angeles" in Condestine Tower, and run by Stephen Parker

They apparently have conducted the "Alva Experiments" on children ten years ago, with only six survivors, one of which is

They have a website at WHOIS gave an email address of On July 25th, a response was received that stated the following:

Thank you for contacting Sky Incorporated. Due to circumstances beyond our control, our web servers will be under maintainance until further notice. If you would like to contact us, please call us on your SkySet at 206-203-1092. We will not be able to respond for a prolonged period of time because of our servers, but you may leave a message and will be contacted as soon as possible.

Sky Incorporated: making your dreams a reality.

Calls to that number have a computer generated voice asking people to leave their name, number, and message.

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