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Anara's Diary, and associated medical reports. Accoring to The Watcher, the Medical Report Form numbers aren't relevant to anything we need to be concerned with

January 15th 1248
Dear Diary,
I haven't been working w/John for long now, but I have found myself growing oddly attached to him. I continue to care for his external wounds while hoping his internal ones will heal with time. I am trying not to care as I have only known him in this state. Another nurse actually cared for him during the experiment and I only just "met" him after the "accident". Some days are so hard that I don't think I can go on working there. I feel that I must stay though, as a sort of penance for my sins. Maybe if I can help John, my part in his injury and those of the other children will be wiped out. Maybe one of these nights I will sleep straight through without waking up from the nightmares where I still hear them screaming. I do not believe in a Heaven, but maybe John will be my salvation. He is my only hope.
Medical Report Form

Patients cranial injury to the occipital lobe appears to have healed with a small scar remaining. Patients pupils continue to dilate in response to light source showing brain activity. Patient did not respond to visual or audio stimuli. MRI scan scheduled for next week.

Staff use PCC:25498

January 23rd, 1248
Dear Diary,
John's MRI came back today & his brain is injured more than I thought. There is a very small chance he will ever recover. I can't help but wonder, what is the point of keeping him alive? If I were forced to be in the same state as he, I would hope that someone would have enough mercy to let me pass. Maybe that is just the cynic in me. His father would never let that happen. He continues to visit every day hoping for good news. Today I only gave him bad news. It is so sad to watch him. He talks to John as though he can hear him. While I have heard some comatose patients can hear people talking, I don't think John will ever wake up long enough to tell us.
Medical report Form ref 1-A5SCT-TRPAM2
MRI shows severe destruction of the supratenorial white matter however brain stem remains intact. Diffuse Traumatic Brain Swelling was also evident making the possibility of full recovery unlikely. Patient is otherwise healthy and remains in a comatose state.
Staff Use PCC: 26932
Signature: A.O.

December 10th, 1250
Dear Diary,
We found lesion in John's brain today. It was a very stressful day. His father paced around the room for hours, constantly checking his EEG hoping that something would change. I feel like we're on a death watch and that a beetle with start chiping anytime now. It's awful. I really hoped that John would improve and instead he gets worse! He has bee my job for two years not and I would be sad to lose him. I take comfort in the fact the he doesn't judge me. Honestly, he looks happy most of the time. I can only imaging the kind of peace he must be feeling. I'm not saying I would switch places with him, but sometimes I wish I could turn my brain off.
Medical Report Form ref 1-A5SCT-TRPSM2
MRI shows presense of bilateral pontine lesions. Patient has been put on 24-hour watch until lesions dissipate as they can often be a sign of brain function diminishing. Brain activity in other areas remains otherwise normal.
PCC: 46357
Signature (illegible)
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